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Connecticut Toxicology: Creepy-Crawly Edition!

In CONNECTICUT TOXICOLOGY on December 9, 2011 at 9:12 AM

The first 2 modules of Connecticut Toxicology have been released! Access them by clicking on the “Connecticut Toxicology” section header above, then scrolling down past the introduction/cover letter to the module that you want to take. These 2 modules are creepy-crawly-themed, with one module on the poisonous spider that lives in Connecticut, and the other on those pesky stinging bees, wasps, and hornets (AKA Hymenoptera, for those who are more Latinate-inclined). This is part of my selective project, and your help, by means of taking the surveys and reading through (or listening to) the modules would be much appreciated. The modules also come in podcast form, meaning that you can download them as MP3 files and listen to them on your iPod, or whatever other MP3 player or smartphone you might own on the go. Check it out!

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