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Ultrasound Case #4

In RADIOLOGY on September 25, 2011 at 11:19 AM

Syndicated from the UCONN EM Residency website; credit to Dr. Russell and Dr. Kleinberg for cases and images.

CC: shortness of breath

HPI: 62 yo female with no significant pmh presents with shortness of breath worsening over the last 3 days with associated lest sided chest pain, low grade fever and non productive cough.

SH: 40 pack year smoking history, occasional alcohol.  Denies drug use.

FH: Lung cancer

PE: T 100.8 BP 110/90 HR 99 RR 24 SAT 90% ra. GEN: Uncomfortable, speaking in fragmented sentences.  CV: Regular rate and rhythm, no MRG.  PULM: Moderate respiratory distress.  Absent breath sounds in the base and midway up the back on the left.  Dullness to percussion on the left compared to the right.

EKG: Normal sinus rhythm with occasional PVCs.

Labs: WBC 12.5 with left shift, remainder of CBC, Chem7, PT/INR and cardiac enzymes grossly within normal limits.

Bedside U/S: see beginning of post for 1st still image; click for video.

What is the cause of the patient’s dyspnea? (click below to see the answer below the fold)

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